How to Participate in OspreyWatch

OspreyWatch is a global community of observers focused on documenting breeding osprey. There is no charge to participate and we welcome new volunteers to the program.

Step 1: Register

Register and confirm your account

Step 2: Find an Osprey Nest to Monitor
Step 3:  Start Observing a Nest

We recommend monitoring a nest 1-4 times a month. There are three ways to enter your observations on the OspreyWatch website.

Activity Report
Log an activity at the nest. These are milestone events in the breeding chronology of the nest. Data entered in the activity report forms will be tabulated for the annual project report and used to calculate breeding statistics.

  • Date of pair arrival
  • Date of egg laying
  • Date of incubation initiation
  • Date of clutch hatching
  • Date of nest failure
  • Reason for nest failure
  • Number of nestlings
  • Date of first chick fledging
  • Number of fledglings
  • Date chicks last observed at nest

Add photos of activities at the nest

Nesting Diary
Log a narrative of your observations