Nest #4678

Nickname: WalMart Nest
Nest substrate: Osprey Nest Platform
Nest Location Description: Nest was repaired last season and still looks good.
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: Chesapeake Bay Osprey Watchers
Latitude: 38.6594534791437
Longitude: -75.5896250865387
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2014 Nest Activity Report by francie
Adult arrival 03/31/2014 Nestlings 2
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 2
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 06/30/2014
Egg laying Chicks last observed 09/01/2014
Incubation initiation 04/12/2014 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 05/17/2014 Reason for nest failure
2015 Nest Activity Report by francie
Adult arrival 03/21/2015 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure
2016 Nest Activity Report by francie
Adult arrival 03/10/2016 Nestlings 2
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure
Nest Activity Report by francie
Adult arrival 03/13/2020 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

03/18/2020 by francie
Both ospreys are here now at this nest. Today, the female was in the nest and the male was sitting on a cable wire. I have never seen an osprey sitting on an overhead wire before, just like a smaller bird. Pretty neat.

06/03/2016 by francie
There are 2 chicks that we can see.

05/17/2015 by francie
Both parents were on the edge of the nest today. One was putting its' head into the nest, as though it were picking up food, but never came back up with any food. So we are wondering if the eggs have hatched already.

03/22/2015 by francie
3/21/15, we have the pair on the nest.

03/16/2015 by francie
As of 3/14/15, we have seen one osprey at this nest. So far, we have not seen its' mate. We did see a pair of red tailed hawks sitting in a nearby tree.

09/19/2014 by francie
We checked this nest every time we had to slip over to WalMart and then some. We finally did see a chick in a nearby tree on 9/1/14, but that was the last time we've seen any activity.

08/15/2014 by francie
The last week or so, we have not seen any activity at this nest. They may have moved on to more a productive area for fishing. This is not as close to the river as the other nests, so it makes sense that they would not stay at this nest, once they fledged. I miss this family!

07/27/2014 by francie
This has become my second favorite nest! The 2 chicks are usually nearby, in one of 2 trees that they like and there is usually one adult nearby them. One day during a check, an adult was in the top of a tree and the 2 chicks were sitting together on a lower branch. It was a great sight to see! Yesterday, the 2 chicks were both in the nest, but I did not see an adult.

06/30/2014 by francie
This nest has been getting exciting!! The two chicks are growing like crazy and have been stretching their wings and practicing flight in place for a week or so. Tonight, Mama was sitting on her nearby pole again and the oldest chick was stretching its' wings. We were sitting in the car, trying to get a good photo when the chick took off and flew to a pole just in front of the car!!! It was watching us and Mama was watching us! I got some nice shots that I have to upload!! This is the first chick in my watched nests to fledge!!!!!! I'm so proud of him!!!

06/21/2014 by francie
We checked this nest while doing our usual WalMart stop and there were 2 chicks exercising their wings! They are almost as big as Mama!! When we went back today (6/22), with my camera, all we saw was the showing of one large wing. The mother was fussing at some other Ospreys floating over and then a vulture, so we assume she was having the chicks stay hunkered down in the nest further.

06/14/2014 by francie
This chick is growing fast!! I am only seeing one, so not sure if that is all for this pair or not. It was sitting up tall with Mama today!

06/06/2014 by francie
This chick has very large wings already! We were watching this nest, since the female was sitting up. Then I saw spotted wings come up from down in the nest. Finally, we saw the chicks head pop up. We drove around to a different area to try and get a better view and it looks as though there was movement on the other side of the mother, as well. So, she may have 2 chicks. I kept waiting for one of them to pop back up so I could get a photo, but they didn't come up far enough for a good shot.

06/01/2014 by francie
We can just barely see one chick's head in this nest. The mother was sitting up on the nest and the father was in a tree nearby.

05/24/2014 by francie
We can see definite movement in this nest, through the branches, that is not from the mother. She was sitting up more today, as well. I hope to see a head peeping over the nest soon!

05/17/2014 by francie
It's very hard to tell, but I think there may be a chick in this nest. The female was observed and there was movement low in the nest beside her. From the position she was in, I don't believe the movement could have been from her. I believe there may have been "someone" low in the nest next to her.

05/11/2014 by francie
Another deep nest where we can just barely see movement. No new sounds as yet. No male nearby.

05/05/2014 by francie
Just barely able to see the female in this nest. She is still in incubation position, from the small view of her head that I can see. Male was nowhere around, but this nest is further from any decent water.

04/30/2014 by francie
This nest is built very high and in spot behind the store that is not accessible. We have to watch from the store parking lot. There was a little movement, again today, between the nest material and I saw one white head moving about, so I am assuming the female is still incubating.

04/24/2014 by francie
We will need to check this nest more closely again soon. We didn't see anything, at first, when we checked this nest today. Then we came back around, after shopping, and saw some activity low in the nest, in the spaces between the nest material. Finally, one osprey flew in and landed, then the other one flew out. There seemed to be a lot of movement through the twigs, but very low in the nest, so I need to check this one again in the next few days.

04/21/2014 by francie
The male was nowhere around yesterday, so we assumed he was off hunting for food. The river is further away from this nest, with only a local pond close by. Female was sitting down in the nest and her head was bobbing up and down. Again, she is so low into the nest that it's hard to tell if what she was bobbing up and down for.

04/12/2014 by francie
This osprey is always so far down in the nest that we just barely see the top of her head. I am assuming she is incubating. The male is always off when we are there.

04/05/2014 by francie
We are now seeing a pair. We don't check this nest as often, since it's a little further away. But the female was sitting in the nest recently, but not in an incubation way.

03/31/2014 by francie
We have seen one Osprey on this nest area, but no action as yet.

03/21/2014 by francie
We didn't even realize this nest existed until halfway through the season last summer. We now have one osprey on this nest.