Nest #6684

Nickname: CL2
Nest substrate: Osprey Nest Platform
Nest Location Description: Nest platform is on a private dock up river from the Croaker Landing fishing dock. Previously known as Nest 315
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Latitude: 37.429698
Longitude: -76.728922
Followers: 1

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Activity reports

2017 Nest Activity Report by sheffj
Adult arrival 03/27/2017 Nestlings 1
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation 04/23/2017 Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

by sheffj

07/17/2018 by sheffj
Parent in tree. Nest seemed empty, but later saw a chick and the tree parent and two ospreys were flying around the area. One adult went back to the tree.

07/10/2018 by sheffj
One chick visible. One parent seen in tree and other parent eventually came to the nest twice for very brief period. Possibly brought a fish the second time.

06/24/2018 by sheffj
Definitely a chick visible. Parent standing on nest. Other parent not seen.

06/04/2018 by sheffj
Seem to be chick(s) in nest. Looked like female was feeding them. Male flew to shoreline tree with fish.

05/28/2018 by sheffj
Incubation continues--both parents seen

05/11/2018 by sheffj
Female seen incubating. Male came to the nest and later was seen in nearby pine tree.

04/26/2018 by sheffj
Incubation continues.

04/20/2018 by sheffj
Egg(s) being incubated!

04/12/2018 by sheffj
Saw one bird on the nesting platform then another flew up, so the two were there for a short time. One flew off to a pine tree and seemed to be eating something held down on the branch. Later the other one was observed bathing in the water near the shore for several minutes. Both were in roosting in separate trees when I left after a total of 45 minutes.

04/04/2018 by sheffj
No activity seen on nest nor nearby

03/27/2018 by sheffj
I first checked this nest today and a pair was standing on it! Unfortunately, I do not know how long they have been there.

08/30/2017 by sheffj
Did not see or hear any ospreys. Gulls were on dock--maybe ospreys have left.

08/16/2017 by sheffj
Perhaps there are two fledglings -- one was on a fish net pole by the dock and the other on the nest. A parent was in a tree on the shore and attempted to snare a fish twice. Not sure whether he/she was successful. The fledgling on the nest also made an attempt which was unsuccessful.

08/06/2017 by sheffj
Saw a fledgling on the nest and flying in the area then back on the nest. Did not see parents.

07/30/2017 by sheffj
No sign of the family, although one osprey was seen in the air over land.

07/26/2017 by sheffj
Observed the area in the evening. One parent was in a tree and one on a pole at the end of the dock. The chick was on the nest and seen stretching his wings a number of times, although he wasn't seen flying during my time there.

07/22/2017 by sheffj
Couldn't see chick. A parent returned to the nest, but only stayed a few minutes and didn't seem to be feeding anyone.

07/14/2017 by sheffj
Could see chick clearly in nest. Should be 6-7 weeks old.

07/10/2017 by sheffj
Family still inhabiting the nest.

07/02/2017 by sheffj
Definitely could see a chick being fed. 3 fish were brought to the nest during the time monitored.

06/24/2017 by sheffj
Still difficult to see chick(s), but parents are there.

06/16/2017 by sheffj
The pair was seen on the edge of the nest. Still think there is at least one chick in the nest.

06/11/2017 by sheffj
I could tell there was at least one chick in the next. Both parents were on the edge on the nest at various times.

06/04/2017 by sheffj
Fish brought to nest and female definitely seems to be feeding nestling(s)

05/29/2017 by sheffj
Male brought food to nest twice during hour observation period. Too far away to see nestlings being fed.

05/21/2017 by sheffj
Female more active on nest--no sign of feeding, though.

05/14/2017 by sheffj
Still incubating.

05/07/2017 by sheffj
Both parents seen. One incubating.

04/28/2017 by sheffj
Pair low in nest. Flew away when small boat approached the area, but one soon was back to sitting on the nest.

04/23/2017 by sheffj
Male and female were each seen low in the nest at different times. One of the birds was standing on the edge of the nest for part of the time.

04/14/2017 by sheffj
Could not see that there was an osprey low in the nest. One was standing on the edge of the nest most of the hour.

04/09/2017 by sheffj
The female was low in the nest when I arrived and perhaps the male was in the dead tree fairly nearby. For most of the hour, the female was active around the nest area and did not return to the low position.

03/29/2017 by sheffj
Adults were first observed at this site on 3/27/17. No one was checking this area previously. The pair was observed on the nest again 3/27. Later learned that this nest site previously had been observed as Nest 315 in prior years.