Nest #6700

Nickname: Fenwick Rt. 54 marsh
Nest substrate: Osprey Nest Platform
Nest Location Description: Behind High Stakes bar in the marsh east of Catch 54 Restaurant
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: Delaware Fish and Wildlife
Latitude: 38.4528151480137
Longitude: -75.0599299521484
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2017 Nest Activity Report by baygirl
Adult arrival 04/05/2017 Nestlings 1
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 1
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 08/27/2017
Egg laying Chicks last observed 09/27/2017
Incubation initiation 05/25/2017 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 07/02/2017 Reason for nest failure
2018 Nest Activity Report by baygirl
Adult arrival 04/01/2018 Nestlings 3
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 3
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 08/03/2018
Egg laying Chicks last observed 09/17/2018
Incubation initiation 04/27/2018 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 06/05/2018 Reason for nest failure
2019 Nest Activity Report by baygirl
Adult arrival 03/19/2019 Nestlings 3
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 3
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 07/22/2019
Egg laying Chicks last observed 09/05/2019
Incubation initiation 04/17/2019 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 05/26/2019 Reason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by baygirl
Adult arrival 03/21/2020 Nestlings 3
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 3
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 08/19/2020
Egg laying Chicks last observed 09/03/2020
Incubation initiation 05/09/2020 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 06/18/2020 Reason for nest failure
Nest Activity Report by baygirl
Adult arrival 03/29/2021 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

09/02/2020 by baygirl
all 3 juvies at nest with both adults

08/09/2020 by baygirl

07/08/2020 by baygirl
sometimes ospreys surprise me and today was one of those days, the male was on the nest feeding the female. i could clearly see 2 small chicks in the nest and i think the female may have fed one tiny head but mostly she was eating what the adult male was feeding her! this is the 3rd osprey male i have seen do this behavior but the first time it appeared the female was eating more than she was feeding her chicks... interesting for sure.

07/02/2020 by baygirl
3 chicks clearly visible today, could even be a 4th its so crowded in the nest, chicks appear to be about 2 -3 weeks old

05/10/2020 by baygirl
not certain my incubation date is accurate, the female is laying flat in the nest however she is high as it doesnt appear she has a nest bowl. male was on nest with her then he flew off, a second ospr pair was perched on poles across the gut, i believe they are why this pair is later in incubating. theres been territorial issues.

05/01/2020 by baygirl
female on nest then she jumped up onto platform T perch, she is not banded, did not see mate.

04/26/2020 by baygirl
female on nest and male on favored pole at water line. this is the first they have been at the nest area when i visited since early april.

04/19/2020 by baygirl
this pair absent once again today, i dont know what happened to them, they have simply disappeared

04/14/2020 by baygirl
no activity at this nest today! seems unusual

04/10/2020 by baygirl
same as nest #7284

09/05/2019 by baygirl
one juv on nest today

08/28/2019 by baygirl
adult male with fish on his fave pole at waters edge and one juvenile on pole across gut

07/25/2019 by baygirl
empty nest today, entire family out fishing

06/03/2019 by baygirl
feeding chicks

05/29/2019 by baygirl
female shading at nest, male on pole

05/06/2019 by baygirl
one deep in the nest with second on favorite perch at waters edge

04/13/2019 by baygirl
both osprey on sign posts at waters edge today

04/05/2019 by baygirl
female on nest rim today and male out on his fave perch at waters edge

04/02/2019 by baygirl
not much happening, one in nest, one on far sign post

03/25/2019 by baygirl
the pair is now 2 pairs tussling for the nest today

03/19/2019 by baygirl
pair at the nest today

03/16/2019 by baygirl
a few visitors but no osprey pair has arrived as of today

09/17/2018 by baygirl
last day to see juvenile and adult

09/06/2018 by baygirl
one juvenile still very vocal at the nest, adult male bringing fish

08/26/2018 by baygirl
all 3 juveniles on nest at sunset today. last of the 3, the runt, fledged on 8-20-18

08/17/2018 by baygirl
the runt has been slow to exercise but today i saw it ping ponging across the nest and flying up onto the platforms tall t perch. the adult female came and fed it fish. i did not see the adult male or other 2 juveniles. I believe this runt will be flying tmr if not later today!

08/03/2018 by baygirl
one chick took advantage of the SSW 12 mph winds and gusts this morning and fledged landing on the gravel by the condos, then in about 30 minutes took off over the water, cricled back and landed on the condo roof but made it back about 2 hours later. the second chick is helicoptering high above the nest and should be in the air tomorrow. there is a smaller chick that is still laying deep in the nest for large parts of the day and may not fly for few more days at least.

07/23/2018 by baygirl
8:00 pm 2 chicks visible in the nest with adult female perched on the pole by the water. i am getting reports all 3 chicks are still in the nest but did not confirm that this evening

07/15/2018 by baygirl
getting reports of aggression in the nest from larger 2 chicks on the runt, but today at 7 pm the nestlings seemed calm.the adult female was feeding one larger chick while 2 other chicks were laying in the nest. the adult male flew in for a brief flyover of the nest then landed on his favorite sign perch at the waters edge.

06/25/2018 by baygirl
3:00 today, female was on nest feeding what initially looked like 2 chicks but eventually I saw a small third chick, appears to be a runt. The adult male was on a post at water's edge.

06/18/2018 by baygirl
male on t perch and female shading with 2 chicks clearly seen. i guess there may be a third but for now 2 tiny lil bobble heads under momma!

06/10/2018 by baygirl
feeding today with second adult on fave perch at waters edge

06/05/2018 by baygirl
one low in nest this late day but she is due for hatchlings now...

06/03/2018 by baygirl
in range for hatchlings but foul weather today with almost zero vis so i did not go to check this pair

05/23/2018 by baygirl
just one seen today, deep in the nest

05/19/2018 by baygirl
one deep in the nest today and the second eating a fish on the favored dining pole next to the waters edge.

05/08/2018 by baygirl
continuing to incubate, male bringing plenty of fish

04/29/2018 by baygirl
the pair finally settled in to incubate! happy they are on time this season and fingers crossed the local eagles don't bother them

04/25/2018 by baygirl
female on platform perch today, did not see the mate

04/21/2018 by baygirl
4 pm today observed both ospr at nest and waters edge. male brought large stick and later the female brought in grass and seaweed. not much digging in the nest bowl. the female is not banded.

04/17/2018 by baygirl
10:45 this morning, lots of action out over Assawoman bay. The male was on his fave pole at the water line and the female was standing in the nest making it impossible to see if she has a leg band. There was a few interlopers that caused the male to take off to guard the airspace and then the female joined him in a chase and eventually they were started their own scrapping but ended up with the female landing on the nest and the male coming in to copulate. Marriage is tough but then you make up! I still could not see her legs. Maybe next visit.

04/14/2018 by baygirl
female up on plat/T perch, male on fave pole at waters edge. It was extremely windy around 2 pm, SW 20 mph with gusts, warm 69, sunny.I did not have my scope because of the high winds and so I could not confirm if female is banded. Male flew to nest.

04/07/2018 by baygirl
large sticks have been added to the nest. have been seeing the female staying at the nest and the male bringing her fish after he has his share on the waters edge dining pole.

04/04/2018 by baygirl
past 2 days both osprey at their favorite spots, female on nest t perch and male on waterside pole with fish.

04/01/2018 by baygirl
after at least 2 days of scuffling with a few ospreys today one pair was settled on the nest and then they both flew to the waters edge to perch on the 2x4 poles they love. I can not see if the female is banded.

03/29/2018 by baygirl
one osprey arrived this morning. i believe it is the male as he was perched on his favorite pole at the water but I could not see his chest.

09/30/2017 by baygirl
the day after I last saw this juvenile the weather was clear skies, temp 82, NNE winds at 19 mph. It may have been the perfect day for this youngster to migrate as I have not seen him since. godspeed to "my" last juvenile of the 2017 osprey nesting season.

09/27/2017 by baygirl
2 pm today-the juvenile was perched on the corner of the platform bracing into the 20 mph NNE wind. no other osprey seen.

09/26/2017 by baygirl
9-25 11:30 1 juvenile perched on small pole at waters edge. 1 adult male flew in from ocean area with a fish and circled the juvenile, landed on the old duck blind for just a second, flew back over the juvenile who opened its wings a bit and softly called then it followed the adult towards the ocean but returned in a few minutes and appeared to fish along the nearby marina lagoon but was out of my sight line. 9-26-17 juvenile with a fish at nest. a pair of adult osprey harassed the juvenile briefly then flew away. I wonder if the original pair was trying to reclaim their nest site before migration...

09/21/2017 by baygirl
today around 3 pm one adult male on the favorite duck blind frame as the juvenile perched on the pole at waters edge peering into the water. neither had a fish.

09/21/2017 by baygirl
will wait a few more days to close the data on this nest. adult female last seen8-30-17 altho she may have been in the area just farther from nest as often occurs, adult male last seen9-15-17. juvenile on nest crying softly on 9-18-17. it appears to be a male. he did not have much time with his parents, just 19 days. hope he is a good fisherman and makes it south at such a young age. will update his departure closer to end of September for fish and wildlifes closing of the data for 2017. often I still see osprey into October so will continue to monitor this nest site.

08/27/2017 by baygirl
yesterday I observed the osprey family at this nest and can confirm the adult female does not have a rt leg band. This most likely explains the late nesting activity since I noted a rt leg banded female at the nest 5-26 -17. This female also has a light necklace unlike the original female at the nest in the spring. she had a dark necklace. lets see who is the female nester in 2018. finally today the very large chikc fledged off the nest around 8 am in NE 14mph winds with gusts near 20 mph. She was in the air or on a light post or nearby roof all day until she was finally able to land back on the nest around 4:45 pm. She was rewarded with dinner from her father. This is officially my last fledgling of the 2017 osprey nesting season. Now I hope this very late osprey baby can survive to migrate for the winter. I will continue to monitor the adults to see how long the adult female remains to help rear this new flyer.

08/20/2017 by baygirl
chick is still no very active but is very large. it still spends a lot of time laying in the nest. both adults are very attentive. I have not been able to confirm the rt leg band on the adult female and there is a possibility that this is a different female then the beginning activity/data for the new platform. may explain the late nesting....

08/02/2017 by baygirl
one adult on the nest tall T perch, one on the nest shading the chick. chick looks about 6 weeks old and possibly female.

07/25/2017 by baygirl
1 chick still visible in nest through heat wave and rains...

07/19/2017 by baygirl
6:00 pm-1 chick visible on nest, with adult female. male flew to nest and landed on perch, did not have fish.

06/28/2017 by baygirl
Nest check, male was on his favorite pole with a fish and female was deep in nest. I waited and soon he took fish to nest and female took it up onto perch to eat and male rocked down onto eggs. I must soon be time for hatchlings.

06/21/2017 by baygirl
Female on nest continuing to incubate, male on favorite marsh edge pole

06/05/2017 by baygirl
Heavy rain all day but the female was deep in the nest incubating and her mate was on his favorite pole waterside not minding the rain one bit.

05/26/2017 by baygirl
indeed the female was incubating today. I arrived to see her turning her eggs and then she settled down into the nest and remained there the entire 30 minutes I observed. I did not see the male as he was not on his fave perch. This is very late to begin incubation. Why it took this pair to lay eggs is any-one's guess. We assumed it was the pair from last year but perhaps it is actually a new pair. Or perhaps there was some kind of disturbance or they simply had to acclimate to finally having a nest platform after past few years of hanging out on the old duck blind frame all summer long? All that is certain is the chicks, should they live to fledging, will have a tough start in life. This may be one of the latest incubation dates in my five years of monitoring osprey. The key is will the adult female stick around long enough to care for the youngsters or will it fall to the adult male to rear them? Lets see how incubation goes first....

05/25/2017 by baygirl
checked this pair at 6 pm yesterday 5/24/17 and the male was on his fave perch along waters edge and the female came from direction of the ocean and landed on the nest. the male quickly flew to her and then back to his perch. the nest looked very built up but no incubating behavior. today the homeowner text me and said the female was low in the nest past 2 days... hmmm, not what I observed. but homeowner believes incubation has begun so I will confirm this weekend.

05/07/2017 by baygirl
not much activity at the nest platform. they do come and go but not serious about nesting thus far

05/03/2017 by baygirl
no spreys on the nest today. the male was on his fave pole at waters edge. a local homeowner tells me there has been quite a bit of osprey squabbling over the platform but I do not see other osprey when I visit this location. she also said she thought a hawk was harassing the pair and I have never seen that either. I do see many eagles bothering osprey but usually just air battles to steal the ospreys fish.

04/22/2017 by baygirl
checked on the pair at this new platform today, male was on his favorite 2x4 at waters edge and female was bringing large pieces of seaweed material. the nest has some shredded plastic bag hanging down but doesn't look like a concern. hoping this pair incubates this season.

04/14/2017 by baygirl
The male likes to perch on an old 2X4 at the marsh edge. he eats his fish there. The female hangs out father away on another old duck blind frame. Today she was eating a fish and the male flew to her and attempted to copulate.She then flew over to the nest and perched on the nest perch.The male landed on her back very briefly but went back to his 2x4. The female has a very large necklace, is rt. leg banded and the male the pure white head with black diamond on forehead. This is a common trait of the inland bays males..

04/09/2017 by baygirl
homeowner states the pair has been at the nest since last Tuesday or so so I will date that as the actual arrival as I have seen one at a time with one perched on a channel pole and this was their behavior 2016 nest season. new nest material in nest so I feel comfortable in listing the nest site as active.

04/07/2017 by baygirl
reports of an osprey pair visiting the platform and an air battle at the nest site but when I checked today I saw just one osprey a few hundred feet away perched on a wood pole along the main channel.

04/06/2017 by baygirl
one osprey visited this platform yesterday and today, sitting on the nest t-perch.

04/04/2017 by baygirl
Very quiet in the area. no ospreys seen and no signs of added nest material.

04/01/2017 by baygirl
Early this morning I helped place this new platform in the marsh near the Fenwick Rt. 54 bridge, Lighthouse Cove. The local townhome community requested this platform and the landowner gave permission to place it in his marsh. years past the osprey have nested on 2 different dilapidated duck-blinds. last year they just spent their time on the duck-blind framing. the platform is far enough off the water to keep the osprey safe from kayakers and SUP's...we hope.