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The Osprey of Terrapin Cove. Terrapin Cove is the site of an abandoned marina on the Maurice River in SNJ. Now it is home to Osprey, a Purple Martin Colony and Diamondback Terrapins. The same osprey pair has nested her in 2010, 2011 and 2012. They are confirmed by their bands placed by Jane Galetto. Also on site is a boat ramp used by the Diamondback Terrapin each year to access land to lay eggs. There is a growing Purple Martin colony with roughly 40 pair in gourds. Visit our website and leave your observations. Thank you Hugh Richards
Substrate: Osprey Nest Platform
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1995 Ospreys attempted to build a nest on the A frame of our boat. We placed a platform on a piling and the birds accepted it. When we put a shed on the dock the birds abandoned the nest and attempted to build their nest on a different piling. We moved the platform to a different piling and the birds accepted it. For several years the birds successfully fledged several chicks. In the last four years they have not raised any chicks to maturity. We believe that mortality has also taken a toll of the adults and that neither of the original pair now claim the nest. There has been no break in the yearly attempt to use the nest. Birds return late February or early March. We are hoping that this year the nest will be chosen for chick banding or a bird cam. Electric is available.

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