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Substrate: Dead Tree
Added by Dave H about 7 years ago
Last activity: almost 7 years ago
This nest has been at this location since around 2009. It is high in a dead tree leaning over Dymer Creek. The nest is too high to see eggs or other details. In 2014 a storm knocked down this nest and it was not rebuilt. This nest should be removed from the site.
Substrate: Osprey Nest Platform
Added by Dave H over 7 years ago
Last activity: almost 7 years ago
I build this platform in 1999 in front of my house on Dymer Creek (Lat 37-40.804N, Lo 076-22.903W), White Stone, Virginia, USA. A pair of ospreys took it over the in the spring of 2000. This pair has come back every year but only a couple of nestings fledged. Most years the young were killed by great horned owls. In 2011 both the female and the young were killed by owls. The male found a new mate within several weeks and this pair has just come back to the nest for the 2013 season. This nest is one of about 15 active osprey nests on Dymer Creek and one of around 50 within a 7 nm radius. In 2015, two ospreys fledged from this nest.

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